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Maple Plaza - Beverly Hills

Project: Maple Plaza - Beverly Hills

Project: Maple Plaza - Beverly Hills

Products: Ecore Forest RX (oiled oak), Takiron Pathways Safety Sheet, & Capri Rubber Fitness & Rec collection

Location: Beverly Hills

Summerlin Hospital

Project: Summerlin Hospital

Las Vegas, Nevada


Toli Mature Select

No Wax Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl

Wood Grain & Natural Fleck visuals

Heat Welded - Seamless Installation 

15 Year Warranty 

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National Insurance Company

Project: National Insurance Company

Hero Flooring
Style: BoBo
Size: 12" x 24"

Voodoo Doughnut

Project: Voodoo Doughnut

Where: Universal Studios - City Walk

City: Studio City

Product: TOLI FasolPlus


17.7" X 17.7" Homogeneous Vinyl Tile

3mm thickness

Neutral to Vibrant Color Range

For High Traffic Applications

Floor Score Certified

50% Recycled Content

IMAX and the IMAX VR (Virtual Reality) program

Sustainable Surfaces is incredibly proud to be working with IMAX and the IMAX VR (Virtual Reality) program. The first location launched in January 2017 in Los Angeles. 


"This project allowed us to work with both the design team & end users and deliver unique solutions that could only be provided through a consultative approach and by combining the manufacturing expertise & efficiencies of more than one manufacturer."


Featuring carpet and specialty rubber materials, this entirely custom designed project integrates the two materials into a single installation delivering the required design intent, performance and guest experience. 

Centineal Medical Center


Toli Piesta

Microsoft - NYC


Toli Piesta 

Elementary School


Toli FasolPlus & Toli Linotesta

Major Resort - Confidential


High Definition Printed Rugs

Guest Rooms & Public Spaces

No skid - No Slip Backing System

Major Department Store - Heavy Traffic


Toli FasolPlus 

Homogeneous Vinyl Tile: HVT

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